We are proud to announce;  we are approved by the Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal),  Lux is excited to be considered a part of a safety innovative solution.

Video in this section is a test installation done early 2015 in Qatar, our IIRPM's are being utilized for MOT purposes in this video, indication that there are many application where our IIRPM's serve as a positive safety feature.

Lux IIRPM's Curb application, our surface mount IIRPM's solves the maintenance nightmare of constant replacement of delineator post and missing and or faded RPM's.  Unlit curbs are a well known hazards that can be easily addressed with our maintenance free sustainable units.

This Lux video demonstrates another innovative application installed at The Estates at Mendocino Homestead FL, ths video showcases the Solar Powered Yellow Flashing In-Road LED IIRPM's on a curve, warning drivers of danger/curve ahead .


This Lux video shows another intersection at the entrance of the Estates at Mendocino Homestead FL, the following video showcases the Solar Powered White In-Road LED IIRPMs delineating the road, the Solar Powered Yellow In-Road LED IIRPMs marking the two way traffic and the Solar Powered Red In-Road LED IIRPM Lights at the two stop bars.

- Estates at Mendocino Project

- Rural Florida Road Pilot Test

Lux Installed our first ever private community, review the following video and you decide how effective the flashing in-road  red LED IIRPM lights are; notice that you can barely see the Stop Sign.

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Lux In-Road White LED IIRPM Lights delineating a dark rural FL road.  The car filming starts out at 1500' and travels at 30mph, video clearly displays why these innovative Solar LED Lights are a clear essential option.