Internally IIluminated Raised Pavement Marking


: : Wrong Way Crashes : :
A major issue throughout the world, FDOT pilot project was approved by FHWA and was implemented in Tallahassee FL late February 2015.. Post results to date; ZERO Wrong-way incidents reported at all locations with our preventive system.

: : Alternative to Overhead Street Lighting : :
Rural Highways with no budget for overhead lighting; we provide a lighting solution that guides vehicles with a 90% implementation savings vs. overhead lighting and furthermore adds no additional future maintenance nor energy costs,  a true savings solution.

: : Stop Signs / Stop Bars : :
Red in-road flashing lights application; studies show that the drivers focal point is between the head lights and therefore our dual flashing in-road stop bar system allows the conductor to no obstruction due to overgrown brush and missing or none visible stop signs.

: : Warning curve ahead : :
Providing awareness with a dynamic reminder of danger ahead vs. a reflector or sign that could be missing due to an accident or not visible due to inclement weather, our in-road Flashing yellow LED Lights provide awareness a true dynamic in your face reminder that danger is approaching. 

: : Concrete Barrier Walls : :
Steady and flashing lights are used to delineate permanent and temporary work zone traffic barriers. The lights can easily be installed with zero maintenance and provides reliable and lighting advantage over exiting high maintenance reflectors and flashing beacons.

: : Fire Hydrants : :
Blue raised pavement markers (RPMs) aid fire rescue locating fire hydrants. Our blue in road solar LED lights avoids the constant RPMs maintenance and limited visibility “Every second counts”.

: : Median Islands : :
Steady yellow in road and raised solar markers eliminate the constant needs of replacing RPMs at median islands and traffic separators.

: : Speed Bumps, Humps & Tables : :
Providing awareness with a dynamic reminder of speed bumps ahead, our in-road Flashing or staedy yellow LED Lights provide awareness; a true dynamic reminder that a speed bump is approaching.

: : School Zones : :
We provide an innovative application that adds a safer environment at school zones, our smart In-Roadway Markers turn on and flash at aproaching vehicles into a school zone timed at the proper time children are coming and going from school.

: : Pedestrian Crosswalk locations  : :
Our pedestrian activated Smart In-Roadway Markers provides a much needed safety application at locations that pedestrian cross and have potential cause of injury due to vehicles not yielding to them. Out Smart iiRPMs are Solar or our AC Powered In-Roadway Markers that flash a bright yellow light from the ground up to the driver to indicate a pedestrian crosswalk is ahead and that a pedestrian has activated to cross. We provide many options for PED Crosswalk system.

: : Concrete Roadways and Bridge Decks : :
Our In-Roadway Markers provide a solution to locations with concrete roads and bridge decks, we eliminate the constant maintenance struggle of keeping the stripping and reflectors to stick and stay on the concrete surface. With our Smart iiRPMs Solar In-Road Markers we provide years of a maintenance free roadway safety solutions.   


We don’t just sell products, we offer TOOLS that provide solutions.

Our management and engineering division is comprised of Professional Traffic Engineers with over 150 years of public and private traffic design. This experience provides VISION to our swiftly changing traffic safety needs and furthermore tells us that what once was a solution has very little to lend in today’s quick pace demanding world. 


IIRPM.COM lends a truly positive impact to today’s most complex traffic issues. Providing solutions to issues such as “wrong-way crashes”, poorly illuminated roadways, guidance during inclement weather, and identifying road warnings with alternative methods, just to name a few.

In addition to these solutions, our products reduce maintenance costs on typical roadway programs, reduce energy costs by providing solar-driven technology, and help lower scrap which reduces landfill waste.

We develop true turnkey solutions that save human lives and simultaneously helps our planet by reducing the carbon footprint with sustainable renewable energy technology.