pedestrian crosswalks

Highlighted Pedestrian Crosswalks | Crosswalk Lights

LUX  Steady Double Sided White iiRPM In-Road lights highlight a pedestrian crosswalk and is active throughout the night. This option can be implemented to all high traffic locations as an added safety measure, this application can be installed in minutes and is an inexpensive option to locations that do not warrant a pedestrian activated system or could be added to a pedestrian activated system as an added measure. This treatment can also be added to signalized intersection with no conflicting message therefore adding safety and aesthetics to city scapes everywhere.

Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Systems | Crosswalk Warning Lights

Lux iiRPM Pedestrian In-Road Lights Solar Power or to a Power Grid Systems, both options provide the same positive objectives; to alert drivers that they are approaching an area where pedestrians are crossing and to help pedestrians safely cross a roadway. Our Pedestrian Crosswalk In-Road Lights iiRPMs are unique to its road placement, self cleaning ability, brightnessmaintenance free long life and can be installed in 8 hours. Lux In-Road Lights can be deployed as a stand alone PED Crosswalk System or can be added to any Road Side flashing light system.

Video on this page is of a LUX iiRPM In-Road Lights Assembly ( PED Crosswalk Warning Lights System ) installed in Miami-Dade County FL and is integrated with Carmanah Technologies Roadside Flashers.