Technology -   IIRPM LED Lights :: In-Roadway Solar or AC Powered Safety Road Markers

IIRPM Solar Markers offers the original, true construction-grade LED solar powered In-Roadway / Highway safety markers "IIRPM's" in a variety of  colors designed for both safety and decorative outdoor lighting. 100% solar-powered for our standard iiRPMs and Solar and AC Power for our Pedestrian Activated Crosswalks and Highway Incident Management Systems.

- Our Standard LS1000+ solar In-Roadway IIRPM LED lights work by storing (and later releasing) energy in a patented ultra-capacitor, rated for 100,000 full charge and discharge cycles (one charge and discharge cycle = one day). A ultra-capacitor's lifespan is 100 times the length of rechargeable batteries commonly included in solar lighting.

- Using an ultra-capacitor means our LS1000+ In-Roadway Solar Markers IIRPMs can also handle extreme heat and cold.  IIRPM's Solar LED In-Road lights perform their best between  -40F to 158F (or -40C +70C).

- Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility, Lux IIRPM In-Road lights are also IP68 waterproof, allowing them to operate underwater. Also Strong enough to withstand the weight of a fully loaded semi, our lights are virtually indestructible.

::  Why to choose iiRPM In-Roadway Markers  ::

• iiRPMs install quickly making them and affective swift safety measure. 

 • A true maintenance-free product line.

• They have the shortest charge time and longest discharge (operational time) than any similar product on the market.

• They are brighter than any similar product on the market.

• They lose zero light output throughout the night, regardless of charging conditions.

• They use anti-slip, UV treated poly carbonate with Aluminum A383 Die Cast top covers for standard road weather conditions and Stainless Steel tops for Snow Plow areas.

• They have the most versatile installation locations and conditions: underwater, vertically, horizontally, and in shaded areas...even under snow and ice.

• They are RoHS certified, and are made with the finest components in the world.

• They are IP68 Certified.

• They are NEMA TS-2 Certified.

• They are FCC Approved.

• Holding 5 U.S. Pending Patents.