Technology -   Lux IIRPM Solar LED Lights :: In-Roadway Solar Powered Safety Road Markers

1st introduced 10 years ago, Lux IIRPM Solar Markers offers the original, true construction-grade LED solar powered In-Roadway / Highway safety markers "IIRPM's" in a variety of  colors designed for both decorative and safety outdoor lighting. 100% solar-powered, our lights don’t need any batteries or wires—making them easy to install and maintenance-free.

- Our solar In-Roadway IIRPM LED lights work by storing (and later releasing) energy in a patented ultra-capacitor, rated for 100,000 full charge and discharge cycles (one charge and discharge cycle = one day). A ultra-capacitor's lifespan is 100 times the length of rechargeable batteries commonly included in solar lighting.

- Using an ultra-capacitor means our In-Roadway Solar Markers IIRPMs can also handle extreme heat and cold. Lux IIRPM's Solar LED In-Road lights perform their best between  -40F to 158F (or -40C +70C).

- Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility, Lux IIRPM In-Road lights are also IP68 waterproof, allowing them to operate underwater. Strong enough to support the weight of a fully loaded semi, our lights are virtually indestructible.

Why Our In-Roadway Solar Markers Lights are the Best

•They have the shortest charge time and longest discharge (operational time) than any similar product on the market.

•They are brighter than any similar product on the market

•They lose zero light output throughout the night, regardless of charging conditions.

•They use anti-slip, UV treated poly carbonate and Aluminum A383 Die Cast top covers.

•They have the most versatile installation locations and conditions: underwater, vertically, horizontally, and in shaded areas...even under snow and ice.

•They are RoHS certified, and are made with the finest components in the world.

•Holding 5 U.S. Pending Patents.