Embedded In-Roadway Solar Marker –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers are embedded into the roadway below the surface by 1.5 inch ( 38mm ) and less than 0.25” ( 6mm ) above the surface in a commercial grade structure ( Cast Aluminum or Stainless Steel ). The sealed wireless components are shielded below the surface and therefore protected from constant vehicular tires impacting the markers as apposed to exposed above surface markers that will easily be damaged or disengaged.

Angle of visibility & brightness –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers are very effective around curves with LEDs visible from 2,000 plus feet. Typical reflective road markers rely on a light source that provides a maximum visibility of 300 feet with limited cone of vision and mainly for straight roadways. A typical road markers visibility of 300 feet is equivalent to the stopping sight distance of 40 MPH and that is under ideal conditions. A 300’ distance is not a sufficient distance for drivers to react to a curves, pedestrians, bicyclists and or dangers ahead.

Inclement Weather Visibility –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers are visible during nighttime, heavy rain, Fog, snow, sand storm, fire smoke and power outages (Hurricanes & Tornados). Typical markings, reflective markers and streetlights are not visible during these inclement weather conditions.

No Backlight –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers patented design does not have a backlight therefore the driver in the opposite direction cannot see the light. This patent feature will prevent any confusing message for drivers in the opposite direction, especially for single sided flashing operations.

Self-Cleaning –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers patented design is a mushroom dome shape that is 6 mm above the pavement and designed for debris to wash off. The LS1000+ patent design will prevent debris from accumulating and blocking the solar panel and lights.

Cracking & Loading –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers cast aluminum or stainless steel patent top and structure design will withstand 120,000 pounds. This is critical for heavy truck traffic at high speed and stop conditions. Typical markers cannot withstand the constant impact and require constant replacement.

Replace-ability –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers patent design provides peace of mind with easy replaceability and maintenance, ( if needed ). The unit sits inside a composite cup that adheres to asphalt and or concrete pavement. The composite cup is made of recyclable material that can be milled and resurfaced. It’s practically easier to maintain the LS1000+ than a typical reflective marker that requires heated epoxy and major equipment and man hours. ( typical reflective markers also leave traces of epoxy deposits from where the old markers were installed ).

Snow Plow-able –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Stainless Steel Road Markers patent mushroom design allow for snowplow trucks to plow the snow around the unit from all angles without impacting the integrity of the unit.

Installation & reliability –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers are installed by easily drilling and placing the unit inside the core with a two part epoxy, the embedded unit can be ready for traffic in just 10 minutes. If unit needs to be changed or maintained, the unit can be ejected with specialized equipment in less than 1 minute without interrupting traffic. The LS1000+ is made with hybrid capacitors for longevity and reliability. LS1000+ tested successfully for the following; 5 years accelerated life test, traffic devices environmental NEMA TS2, waterproof IP 68 and loading test by independent DOT Approved laboratories.

Vandalism –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers removal process from the cup requires specialized pneumatic equipment therefore tamper proof with using typical hand tools.

Programmability –

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers can be programmed to be steady on one side and flashing on the opposite side. The unit can also be modified externally ( Wireless ) from steady to flashing and vice versa.

Dark Sky & Turtle Friendly – 

Fish and Wildlife certified the LS1000+ Solar Road Markers as environmentally turtle friendly. The LS1000+ provides illumination for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclist in environmentally sensitive areas and furthermore helps eliminate light pollution allowing nature and humans to occupy the same area safely.

Bridges Illumination —

The LS1000+ Solar LED Road Markers can easily be placed into concrete bridges and pavement. The bottom of the one time permanent composite cup will be one inch ( 1” ) above the rebar and therefore will not impact the integrity of the bridge. The LS1000+ units will provide the opportunity to illuminate bridge pavement that typical reflective markers and stripping have failed to adhere to concrete pavement. Furthermore, future maintenance will be a lot easier and safer for Maintanance personnel, especially on narrow roadways, curves and heavily travel bridges and ramps.

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